ESTONIA Estonie événement

100th Anniversary of the Estonian Republic

They were seen in the crowd and tourists, they were the brothers Slim and Wissemo Weslati, who came from Tunisia. This state in North Africa, said Slim Sputnik Estonia, became independent in 1956, so Tunisia is even younger than Estonia: « Independence and freedom is everything. » It’s not that important, you are simply or independent, or not.  »

What she managed to do in just one hundred years, according to Slim Weslati, is exceptional. And although Tunisia has three thousand years of civilization behind its shoulders, its residents have to learn a lot from Estonia. As for the purpose of the arrival of guests from Tunisia to Tallinn, there are two. First, the brothers are the leaders of the e-state project. In this sector, in the opinion of Slim, Estonia is the world leader.

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